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Best Software to Recover Deleted Data from Your Mac System

Mac Data Recovery made Easy!

Now you can easily recover your lost or deleted Mac data from missing volumes and corrupt or formatted hard drives with The Saviour Mac Data Recovery software.


Select "Recover Everything" to recover lost or deleted Photos, Videos, Documents, Audio & Emails, etc. from your Mac. You can also customize Mac data recovery for specific file types.

Flawless Scan

Select the Mac hard drive from where you wish to recover your deleted or formatted data. You can also scan your selected media using the advanced "Deep Scan" mode.


Select all the recoverable files such as photos, videos, music, documents including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, TextEdit, etc. and Email data file & save them at the desired location.

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Why the Saviour Mac Data Recovery Software?

When faced with a data loss situation, Data Recovery Software becomes the need of the hour!

The Saviour Mac Data Recovery software recovers the lost or deleted data in 3 easy steps – Select, Scan & Recover. What's more! With this software, you can recover 100+ file types and supports all storage devices such as SSDs, SDs, Internal & External hard drives, etc.

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The Saviour Mac Data Recovery is enriched with the following notable features

Mac Data Recovery icon
Mac Data Recovery

The Saviour Mac Data Recovery deftly recovers your lost or deleted data from corrupt or damaged volumes or formatted drives. Its Deep Scan feature runs an extensive search on the impacted drive or partition and brings forth the recoverable items which you can save at a location of choice.

Deleted File Recovery icon
Deleted File Recovery

Accidentally deleted your files? Worry no more! With The Saviour Mac Data Recovery software, recover your deleted files with ease. All you have to do is select the file type(s) that you wish to recover, scan the drive or volume, and proceed to saving the recoverable items.

Mac Trash Recovery icon
Mac Trash Recovery

With The Saviour Mac Data Recovery, you can seamlessly restore files emptied from the Mac Trash Can. This software enables you to undelete your accidentally deleted files from the "Trash folder" even when the trash is emptied deliberately or otherwise!

Mac Hard Drive Recovery icon
Mac Hard Drive Recovery

Leverage The Saviour Mac Data Recovery software when your Internal/External Mac hard drive is unmounted, not getting recognized, or enclosed files are at risk. This Mac hard drive recovery utility uses advanced algorithms to recover data from the hard disk drive.

Time Machine Recovery icon
Time Machine Recovery

Lost your backup files from the Time Machine external hard drive? Worry no more! The Saviour Mac Data Recovery software will list your Time Machine as a normal hard drive, after which you can scan and recover all the once deleted backup files and relocate them safely to a new drive.

Lost/Deleted Media Recovery icon
Lost/Deleted Media Recovery

Lost or accidentally deleted your priceless photos, videos, or music files? Look no further! With The Saviour Mac Data Recovery, you can customize the scan and recover just the videos, audio, and photos file types using the default or the Deep Scan mode.

Deleted Partition Recovery icon
Deleted Partition Recovery

Is your Mac Partition or Volume unavailable? The Saviour Mac Data Recovery software is equipped with an advanced "Can't Find Volume" feature which will specifically search your Apple Hard Drive or SSD to locate Lost Volume(s) for recovering the enclosed files.

 Scan & Deep Scan icon
Scan & Deep Scan

Now recover your deleted files through The Saviour Mac Data Recovery software built-in Deep Scan option that evaluates every sector of the hard drive to restore lost files and folders. You may also opt for the default Scan option in case of a non-critical data recovery process on Mac hard drive.

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Answer : Use The Saviour Mac Data Recovery to recover deleted Photos, Audio, and Videos from Mac by following the steps below:

  • Download, Install & Run The Saviour Mac Data Recovery
  • From the Main Interface, Turn OFF Recover Everything
  • Next, Click ON Photos, Videos, and Audio options
  • Select your Mac hard drive and click Next to start the Scan.
    Note: you can also opt for Deep Scan
  • After successful scan, Preview and Recover your Media files
    The recovery process is complete!

Answer : Yes! This Mac file recovery software efficiently restores files deleted from Time Machine hard drive. Launch The Saviour Mac Data Recovery software to recover Backups.backupdb folders and enclosed files.

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